Rickroll Rick Astley To Best Artist Ever

Rickroll Rick Astley To Best Artist Ever

Rickrolling — tricking an Internet user into watching a clip of Rick Astley’s classic 80s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ — has become an established part of Internet culture. Reflecting that, the RickVoter tool automatically votes repeatedly for Astley as Best Act Ever in the MTV Europe awards. No doubt MTV will eventually block the script, but for now it’s an amusing reminder that online polls have their limitations.


  • Personally, I found Rick Rolls annoying at first, but then I got to like Astley. I’m voting for him now because I actually like him, not because I think it would be funny to “Rick Roll MTV”.
    Newsflash: Rickrolling is imbecilic and unfunny. I think very few people, if anyone are still doing it for that anymore. (though realistically, this is the internet. I’m sure someone somewhere still thinks it’s funny…)

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