Remove U3 To Speed Up Your Flash Drive

Windows only: If you have a U3-enabled flash drive, you might want to skip extra load time and the disk space the software chews up, and the U3 removal tool can help you do just that. U3 is a software bundle stored on a protected partition on a flash drive that emulates a CD-ROM when it's plugged into a Windows machine. While some people like the pre-packaged software and the sometimes expensive software add-ons, many people prefer to assemble their own suite of portable apps without restriction. The removal tool banishes U3 from your drive, reclaims about 6MB of space, and gives you a significant speed increase in load time. After removing the U3 software from a test flash drive, I found that the load time went from between 10-15 seconds, to around 2 seconds.


    thank you! i'm sick of this feature and dont see any point to it.

    awesome post, I have had numerous problems with the bundled U3 software, now I can finally get rid of it.

    Great blog, very interesting read.

    I want to try this, but I only own one pendrive and I´m araid it might create issues. Will it?

    can I leave U3 on the drive, without loading it when I plug it? just to load it when i need it.

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