Remember To Check Your Computer For Daylight Saving Change

Sunset.jpg Residents of NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT should remember that daylight saving kicks in on Sunday October 5, and your PC clock will need to go forward an hour. If your machine is patched, this should happen automatically, but it's worth quickly checking to make sure the system time is correct and that your appointments haven't been scrambled. Windows users can double-check their system using Microsoft's dedicated daylight saving site.


    That's hilarious. a computer running XP or Vista apparently is unable to "compute" what OS it is running, whether or not it has an update with an arcane numerical sequence attached to it - BUT best of all following the dicky instructions my investigation left me quite in the dark as to whether or not I actually have the relevant update. I have a "-v2" version of the update and it was installed a month after the one that would satisfy the daylight saving test!
    Don't Microsoft know about this update that they kindly provided me or does it mean my XP wont tell me the right time on Sunday. Who knows!
    Bill Gates (G-O-D) help me if I used Outlook and had to go through a further process to update a calendar!

    Gotta love NTP, time synced to an atomic clock. (Unless of course its on a Microsoft Server and the NSW Gov changes the date of daylight savings AGAIN)

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