Pelotonics Uses Evernote To Share Collaboration Material

Pelotonics Uses Evernote To Share Collaboration Material

There are, to be sure, a whole lot of webapps that offer “tools for collaboration,” or other ways of wording shared access to a common file store. Pelotonics is in that crowd, but stands out a bit for offering 1GB of free storage space and unlimited clients and people to manage (inside 3 projects), but also integration with Evernote, the desktop/mobile/wherever note-taking tool that’s our readers’ favourite note-taking tool. That should make sending emails, notes, pictures, and other details about something you’re working on with a group a bit easier. Pelotonics’ free plan requires a sign-up. For tips on getting started with Evernote, see Adam’s guide to expanding your brain with it.


  • Thanks for the coverage of our integration. We are now addicted to using the two systems together! It is nice to hear from our friends down under. Say ‘hi’ to Jacob Cass for us!


    Troy Malone

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