Optus IOU Is Tempting (But Read The Fine Print)

EmptyPockets.jpg Optus this week launched an IOU feature on its prepaid mobile plans, in effect giving you emergency access if your credit runs out and you can't find somewhere to top it up (or you're waiting until pay day). Text IOU to 468 and you get $3 of credit, which is automatically deducted from the value of your next top-up. That could potentially be helpful, but note the fine print: you need to top up within three days or you'll lose the value of the credit, while still being charged for it. Also, you can't use the option until your balance dips below $1.50. Rates remain the same as your existing plan, so if you really do need that $3 to survive until Friday, spend it on texts for maximum value. Optus IOU


    Wow, thanks for informing us about the fine print, I ran out of credit and really need it today but am unable to go out & buy and was going to IOU until I could get some, but seeing this I don't think I will thanks again!

    Oh! big deal about the fine print. I think its a good idea.

    Woww, Thanks
    I was actually about to go on optus website and get the number to text.
    Good thing this website was right below it.
    Thanks again. you saved my $27 xD

    They take away $3 from the $3 you get in advance. It's a brilliant idea and much cheaper then the 1800momdad service so gtfo

    this is bullshit

    Ahh okay, thanks for posting this! I never read the fine print lol.

    sooooo fairs fair you spend $3 they take away $3 plus if you were in an emergency and you make an emergency call it would probably be spent but thanks anyway for the fine print i will be aware

    Whats do illusive about the fine print? The most you stand to lose is $3 but obviously it's going to be less because your using the loaned ammount to make a call... If you don't spend $1 a day on your mobile my guess is you don't need one!

    Wait ...let me get my head around this.. So does that mean if your on Optus $2 day prepaid plan.. Gettjng IOU credit also means ur paying $1 interest?

    1. Rollover at midnight requires $2
    2. The $1 is unused.. Lost, will expire
    3. When you top up, $3 is deducted..
    Your paying back the $1 you didn't /couldn't use on the $2 day plan. Optus gains $1 everytime you use their Iou feature.. If you're in the $2 day plan..
    And times that by 1000's of Aussies who use this feature daily...

    Interesting .....

      uhm, no on 2 dollar days they only give you $2, and you only owe $2.

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