On Plane Phone Calls And Internet Get One Step Closer

Suzanne Tindal at ZDNet reports that the Australian Communications and Media Authority has approved the use of specific mobile phone jammers on planes, which makes it possible for airlines to offer onboard mobile phone call, SMS and data services. The prohibition on using phones on flights is because a phone that fails to detect a nearby tower keeps boosting its output as it attempts to connect, which is where potential interference occurs. Using a jammer stops that while making it possible to connect to a paid on-board service. Are you looking forward to on-plane connectivity — or dreading it?


  • I can’t think of anything that will make flying worse than having to listen to people blast out banal mobile phone conversations with no way to get away from them.

    The great thing about flying at the moment is that it forces you to disconnect, giving you breathing space to mull and think things over. It’s forced “un-productive” time, which I’d argue is actually a hell of a lot more productive.

  • No, no, no, no and NO. Air travel is bad enough with so many people crammed into such a small space but when you add stupid ringtones and people with no concept of personal details or speech volume then I honestly think we are going to see an increase in passenger altercations.

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