NSW State Library Adds Rare Australian Image Archive To Flickr

StateLibrary.jpg Large swathes of Flickr are filled with this week's uploads of last week's party, so it's great to see rarer public photo archives also becoming available on the service. The NSW State Library has launched its own Flickr stream featuring photos of historical firsts such as the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and early transport and technology developments. The initial 100 images will be supplemented with others in the future.


    Is there a link to the flicker page?

    Sorry, HTML coding bork -- fixed now.

    I still cant see it :(

    For those who'd like a link:


    I can't see any link still, so I found my own.


    Sorry all, having a shocker -- thanks to everyone for adding the link!

    No issue Angus. Especially if you're in Sydney and slowly melting as I am.

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