Norton User Account Control Makes UAC Less Annoying

Norton User Account Control Makes UAC Less Annoying

Windows Vista only: Free utility Norton User Account Control replaces Vista’s default UAC with a more user-friendly and more secure UAC. The administrator password-prompting User Account Control quickly annoyed most Windows users when they made the upgrade to Vista—so much so that many of you preferdisabling it altogether to actually taking advantage of the enhanced security. Microsoft has responded, saying UAC will be less maddening in Windows 7, but that’s not of much help for current Vista users. Norton UAC promises less duplicate UAC alerts, a simple Don’t ask me again option, and more details so you have a better understanding of what’s actually causing the UAC prompt. How novel! After you install it, Norton UAC automatically replaces the default UAC whenever a UAC prompt would normally appear. Norton UAC is a free beta download, requires Windows Vista.


  • Is that what the actual window looks like? That is *the* most amateurish looking pile of crap I’ve ever seen.

    Seriously – for those of us who actually use Vista, UAC is a non-issue.

    You’ll see it no doubt quite often once you first install Vista, and start installing all your normal apps. But after that initial period, you’ll pretty much never see it.

    The only times that I see it now are when I do system stuff, like open up Computer Management, install extra software etc.

    During everyday normal usage, like browsing the web, using email, using an office suite, using a graphics suite, and even software development, you’ll just never see it.

  • Why are you using Norton in the first place? My job is fixing PC’s and of the last 20 Full Virus removal jobs – 17 had paid up Nortons! It’s no better than then the 2 who had no antivirus at all!

    Just use UAC tweak to leave UAC on but in silent mode.

  • I’ve been trying it out. Norton UAC is very good so far. I never use Norton AV like many others due to its common flaws like slowdown etc. In fact I was a hater. Good reasons though. BUT… This things is free. And you do not need their AV to install it. Its much better to use that MS UAC. And much faster too. The remember box is worth its weight in gold. the 1st descent product they have produced in many years! I hear their new AV apps are following a similar line now. I hope so! About time the pig had piglets!

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