Nokia MusicStore. On Your N96

Nokia-N96e.jpgWay back in April our fellow warriors in all things tech over at Gizmodo told us about Nokia's long-anticipated attempt to take on iTunes' world domination with the opening of the Nokia Music Store. While the review of the store wasn't exactly favourable, the latest version of Nokia Music is a PC-based application, solving a lot of those browser issues. And now it seems we'll all get a whole new chance to give the store a go. But this time via the new Nokia N96.

Like its Nseries predecessors, the N96 allows you to download tracks directly to your phone and automatically sync your downloaded tracks with your PC. Which means you'll only need to by the track once. But with 16GB of storage, separate microSD socket (giving you up to 24GB's worth of tunes!), Wi-Fi, HSDPA and a $20 Nokia Music Store voucher thrown in, downloading all those international and great Aussie tracks Nokia are offering should be even more of a breeze.
For a closer look at the N96, click here.


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