New French Science Experiment To Dwarf Old French Science Experiment

Pop-Sci.jpgThe Large Hadron Collider may be out of commission until April due to a helium link problem, but that doesn't mean the French have pulled the plug on all oversized international science experiments. A $8.8 million experimental thermonuclear reactor is currently being built in the south of France, in an attempt to solve the world's ever-increasing energy turmoils. Said to dwarf the LHC, the project has been funded by seven of the world's largest economies, including the EU and US, and will look into such issues as desalinisation, recycling and the long term viability of fusion as a source of power.

Is this new experiment doomed to the same fate as the LHC? This month's issue of tech mag Popular Science (on sale today) takes a closer look at the ground-breaking experiment and it's attempts to make fusion reality.

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Bigger than the Large Hadron Collider? You'd better believe it!

Still looking for that definitive guide to what's new and what's next? Popular Science, Australia's most exciting new magazine in technology and science, is back to deliver a glimpse into the future of our everyday lives.

Following its successful launch in September, the second issue of Popular Science covers the hot issues on everyone's minds: hybrid vehicles that'll help save the environment, a behind-the-scenes view of GM Holden's much anticipated Volt and, in case you're a sceptic of hybrids, a working electric car built from scratch in South Australia that hits 100km/h in under 10 seconds.

Also featured is an international science experiment that'll dwarf the Large Hadron Collider (which didn't end up creating the black hole everyone feared). Fusion energy could solve many of the world's problems including desalination and recycling, not to mention our growing energy needs. You may have seen or heard about it in films like Spider-Man 2, but the $8.8 billion reactor being built in the south of France is going to turn it into a reality.

With the very latest in consumer tech (phones, cameras, TVs, power tools, sporting gear and more), Popular Science will also be offering its readers the chance to win over $3,000 in prizes, including a Blu-ray makeover package and the new Spore expansion pack as part of its attractive subscriptions offer. Popular Science is even extending an invitation to its readers to become part of its photographic community by putting a snazzy new camera lens up for grabs!

Popular Science, Australia's guide to what's new and what's next, is available monthly for only $8.95 and goes on sale nationally tomorrow.

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    Wait -- isn't the LHC Swiss, not French?

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