New eBay Search Fails To Hit The Mark

eBaySearch.jpg eBay's introduction of a new search system with extra features on the Australian site hasn't gone too smoothly, with the eBay discussion forums attracting complaints about the new system. The biggest issues? Speed (which eBay has promised will improve in the next fortnight), confusion over the impact of daylight savings time, and inability to accurately pinpoint the location of items. While you're supposed to be able to opt out of the new search, some users have also had problems with that, particularly under Firefox. How have you find the new system? Share your experiences in the comment.


    I went through the online help yesterday because they removed the rss feature for search results. Its still on the US ebay site - only if you opt out of the new search... but the AU ebay site does not have an opt out option???

    You know what's annoying?
    When My eBay first loads, there is now a banner ad at the top. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a pause before the banner itself loads, which causes the rest of the page to jump down.
    This means if you are trying to click on a link, you often end up clicking the wrong one.
    The whole site is looking cluttered too. The old layout in most respects was better.

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