Mozo Compares Finance Options From Australian Providers

Mozo.jpg Several Lifehacker readers have written in recently asking if there's any useful local webapps for comparing interest rates and credit cards, so the arrival of Mozo is likely to be greeted with some enthusiasm. The site lets you compare offers on home and personal loans, savings accounts and credit cards, offering a 'top 5' list in each category and then allowing you to find options that best match your own requirements. Registration is optional, but allows you to save your list of offers and other details for faster searching. Research commissioned by Mozo to coincide with this week's launch of the site suggests that Australians are increasingly disillusioned by the major banks. The top 5 rated banks for overall service and product range were Bendigo Bank, Members Equity, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp and BankWest. That ratings information, based on a survey of 3,000 people, is incorporated into the site, and you can offer your own opinion to be added to the overall scores. Give Mozo a spin and let us know of any good deals (or glitches) you find in the comments.


    Thanks for the post Angus. We look forward to seeing what your readers think of Mozo. All feedback - good, bad or ugly - most welcome.

    It's great to see a new site that promotes competition between financial service providers. Mozo adds value by providing for customer feedback particularly in relation to service and support issues.

    Another option that focuses mainly on a detailed listing of cost/price comparisons, but without the customer feedback component, Cannex is also a very good source.

    Clean looking site. I like the background pattern towards the top of the page.

    This site is no good, it does not have virgin money, 12.99% 0 annual fee? what the?

    Hi Oktane

    Kirsty Lamont from Mozo here. The reason we don't have the Virgin Credit Card listed in our database is that unfortunately the business has been bought out by Westpac and Virgin Credit Cards are no longer available to new customers. More info here:

    This site is all over the place: hard to find your way around the categories/ banks- the navigation is rubbish. It shows outdated interest rates. Many of the "reviews" seem to be bogus and some banks (eg Members Equity) seem to simply submit several high ratings for themselves. No wonder: whilst registration is required, emails are not verified before ratings are accepted as genuine.
    Flop !

    Hi Poppy,

    Kirsty from Mozo here. Actually all our reviews are individually moderated before being published to the site, and the majority of reviews currently on the site are from a national survey of 3,000 Australian banking customers we conducted with Roy Morgan research. Members Equity rated extremely highly with customers around Australia.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy the navigation experience. We're always keen to get usability feedback so feel free to email me direct on [email protected] We also run regular usability sessions and pay participants $50 for their time if you're interested.

    Hey while you're listing financial sites, I've used and it's similar to mozo in that you can compare home loans, personal loans, credit cards etc.

    I used it to find my first home loan and am moving into the Northern Beaches in two weeks, gonna be awesome!


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