List Your Car For Sale Free At CARbarter

CARbarter.jpg If you need to sell your car in a hurry and don't want to spend a fortune on advertising, a free listing at CARbarter might be just the ticket. While the site has paid-for options, a basic ad including a photo is free of charge. The volume of vehicles on the site isn't huge (less than 30 when I checked), but as a free option it's hardly a risky move to try a listing. Got any other online tricks for buying or selling cars online? Rev into the comments and share your thoughts.


    Wow. Just checked out the site. How rare is it to see such a great service, for free? CARbarter definitely looks the part, a great site for both sellers and buyers on a budget!

    Pretty good features, seems to be gaining more attention. Will be fantastic when it has more cars! Although I'd still place my car on it if I was selling, definately can't go wrong with free. These guys look like they are doing it right!

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