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  • What Tactics Do You Use To Challenge Bills?
    "When my household contents insurance bill came in recently and was more than double the previous year's figure, I was gobsmacked. However, a quick call to my insurer later and I actually ended up with a lower quote than the 2007 instalment."
  • Five Best File Compression Tools
    "Whether you've been sent a simple ZIP archive, you need to create and share your own compressed files, or you're staring down the barrel of some obscure archive format you've never seen before, having the right file compression application in your corner is a must."
  • Qtpfsgui Makes Standard Digicam Shots More Vibrant (Windows/Mac/Linux)
    "Free, open-source image processing app Qtpfsgui takes in groups of standard digital camera shots of the same scene or object and runs them through a high dynamic range imaging filter, creating striking images with more depth of color."
  • Five Technology Mistakes To Avoid In The Workplace
    "No matter what those rules — or how much mistrust they breed — there's some sure-fire ways to misuse technology that definitely fall into the CLM (career-limiting move) category."
  • The Ultimate Windows Desktop/Mac Notebook Alliance
    "When it comes to computers, you want it all: the portability of a laptop, the extensibility of a desktop, as well as the sleekness of Mac OS X and the wide selection of software for Windows."
  • SoftPerfect Scans Networks from a USB Drive (Windows)
    "A good network scanner digs deep into any network it's pointed at and opens it up for you to get into."
  • Keyboard Shortcuts For The Outlook 2007 Ribbon
    "The Office Outlook Team Blog runs down how you can use keyboard shortcuts to access the various features of the Ribbon which appear when you're composing a message in Outlook 2007."
  • Calibrize Gets Your Monitor Calibrated In Three Steps
    "Free application Calibrize holds your hand through a simple three-step monitor calibration to ensure on-screen colours look the same from computer to computer."
  • Add Google Calendar And Reader To Your Gmail (Firefox with Greasemonkey)
    "Two new user scripts integrate both Google Calendar and Google Reader onto the same screen as your email inbox."
  • Drag & DropZones Turns Right-Clicks Into Gestures (Firefox)
    "Drag & DropZones is a clever interface tweak that allows you to perform nearly any action or search by dragging any page element—a link, email address, image, or page itself—onto a transparent grid you set up."


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