Jetstar Problems A Reminder Of Need For Power Outage Strategies

PowerCut.jpg Budget Qantas offshoot Jetstar suffered an extended computer outage over the weekend, which was apparently due to a power surge somewhere in its network. While you won't be forced to check in hundreds of passengers manually if your own power supply fails, it always pays to be prepared for unexpected power incidents. As I've noted in the past, a fully-charged laptop and a wireless broadband card can get you a long way when there's no electricity around. If most of your key resources are in the cloud, heading to a net cafe can also be a good option. What other tactics have you used to deal with unexpected loss of power?


    We have a cordless phone for our landline, but have a corded phone stashed away nearby and easy to get to when the power goes out.

    We use the opportunity to unplug ourselves or play a boardgame or something wholesome :) At home that is. At work, being the IT department, we usually clean our desks and then wander around lost and aimless...

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