iTunes 8 Makes It Easy To Convert Any File To An Audiobook

iTunes 8 Makes It Easy To Convert Any File To An Audiobook
ImageiTunes 8 has added simple under-the-radar feature that allows you to quickly and easily tag any file in your iTunes library as an audiobook and move it into the Audiobooks section of iTunes and your iPod. The simple trick? Just right-click a track and select Get Info, head to the Options tab, and then select Audiobook from the Media Kind drop-down menu. The file will instantly leave your Music library and head straight for your Audiobook library. To mark multiple files at once, just select them all and go through the same process. The only remaining step is to tick the Remember Position checkbox if you haven’t already, and your tracks should now have easily found their way to your Audiobooks section, and even better, they should work like an audiobook. Finally. Thanks Brett!


  • Yeah, I wish you could change “podcasts” to “audiobooks”. I listen to all my podcasts at the “faster” speed, but I currently use Doug’s Applescripts “Quick Convert” to do so. Not having to process the audio files would be a very welcome feature.

  • Is it possible to move PDFs to the Audiobooks section?
    I’ve got a language course with PDF files included. I’d like to move the PDFs to the Audiobooks secion along with the audio files, but it seems this is not possible, even though you can have PDF files in the Music and Podcasts sections.

  • Yeah, sounds good but doesn’t work very well. I have tried with several books and only about half the files move to audiobooks and the rest stay in music. Even converting to .m4b first makes no difference.

  • Agree with Fraser. Doesn’t work for me. I’ve changed the dropdown but the book remains resolutely in the Music menu, not the Audiobooks one.

  • I know I’m digging up an old post, but I wanted to add that as of iTunes 10 (if not earlier) this feature also allows you to change “music” to “podcast”. This is a *huge* help for me as I have many audio files of lectures and I’m a junky when it comes listening at the 2x speed. Thanks for the help!

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