Is The Standalone Inkjet Printer Finally Dead?

PhotoPrinter.jpgCanon today released its half-yearly Canon Digital Lifestyle Index, which suggests that Australians spent $2.4 billion on technology in the first half of this year. A ton of that was on big-screen TVs (hello Beijing!), but there's also some areas where we're spending less:

The latest CDLI also reveals categories in decline, including DVD players with their already high household penetration rate, and single-function inkjet printers in the face of high multi-function device growth.

Given that even the cheapie printer that came with my last notebook included a scanner, it seems to me that single-function inkjet printers have reached the end of their working life. Admittedly, there's still single-function photo printers, but at the prices charged to get photos printed professionally, they don't make much economic sense. Do you still find a non-multi-function inkjet useful? Share your thoughts in the comments. If you want to get more out of your printer, check out our top 10 printable paper productivity tools.


    Somewhere around early 2000, I bought a simple thin canon scanner. It ran on USB, scanned photos and documents and came with computer software for faxing, mailing and all of that good stuff. It's been dragged from the US to Australia then to Canada and now back to Australia. It still works great. Little has changed in scanning technology. Sure - they are higher rez, but do you really need to scan the 600dpi printed document at 2400dpi?

    In that time, I've owned heaps of single-function printers. Printer technology is always improving, inks are changing, things are getting better which necessitate changes.

    Multifunction devices are just setting you up for faster repurchasing when one of the function's technology changes or even worse, one of the function dies. It's a lot of wasted equipment to replace a scanner just because the printer stops working.

    I still like single function printers - by multi function you mean fax and scanner built in - too bulky and I have a dedicated scanner and don't want a fax.

    Photos are as you say too expensive with your own printer. So I want a basic black on white printer and sometimes I can drop in a colour cartridge for a newsletter with pictures

    I use a letter head with our photo and often print that in black

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