Irfanview Update Adds Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Irfanview.jpg I've long been a fan of using Irfanview as a replacement image viewer and basic editor for Windows, due to its compact size and huge range of options. One disadvantage of that small code base though is that it doesn't automatically check for updates, so I failed to notice that it had upgraded to version 4.20 quite some time ago. Aside from enhanced image editing tools, version 4.20 also adds some useful new keyboard shortcuts to change the way it handles big images (such as hi-res photos). Shift+F sets the 'fit only big images to desktop' option, Shift+W fits the current image to the window, 5 fits the image to the screen width in fullscreen view, and 6 does the same for screen height.


    I'm now an ex-user of long time favorite IrfanView. I simply realized that a program I'd played with for a while was a better package, better laid out, more powerful and intuitive and still came in at 4 megs installed (and it checks for updates!). The beauty is that while its editing and organizational tools are readily accessible they aren't pushed at you. Oh, and everything has a keyboard shortcut. And its free. FastStone Image Viewer -

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