iGoogle Sidebar Collapse Removes The New iGoogle Sidebar

Firefox with Greasemonkey: The iGoogle Sidebar Collapse Greasemonkey script toggles the visibility of the new iGoogle sidebar with the click of your mouse or with a user-defined keyboard shortcut. We gave you a closer look at the new iGoogle with canvas view yesterday, but many people aren't happy with it. You main complaint: The new sidebar eats up a substantial chunk of screen real estate. iGoogle Sidebar Collapse reclaims that stolen space, collapsing and expanding the sidebar at your will. Thanks Nicholas!


    if it's not broken, don't fix it! These changes are so stupid. the fetures I used most are gone and now I have twice the fetures I could care less about. I would like to open the google home page and see how many email messages I have without the person next to me at work seeing a preview of my somtimes very personal notes from friends. I may soon stop usgling google all together if these changes are not corrected.

    All you asking how to get rid of the description text, its in the options somewhere. I forget where since my iGoogle keeps reverting to Classic...

    For Firefox users, another option is to use the "Stylish" extension and the following userstyle. It will hide the dreaded iGoogle left sidebar *altogether*:




    Super iGoogle is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera which will do this and more! Plus it stays up-to-date when Google messes with the page. Get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ncindhlccodninkgiofmmjdidmcmllhd

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