IDrive Backs Up Your Work Online, 2GB Free Storage

Windows/Mac only: With two gigabytes of free online storage, IDrive offers a cheap option for remote backup of critical files for your computer. Download the client for Windows or Mac, select the files you want to keep backed up, and IDrive will automatically begin uploading them to the company's servers over an SSL-encrypted connection. Then it will monitor your computer for changes to files and folders and connect every ten minutes to update your backup. You can also set a bandwidth throttle to make sure you aren't choking your internet connection during the workday. IDrive Basic is a free Windows or Mac download with 2GB of storage. IDrive Pro offers 150GB of backup storage for $US4.95 a month or $US49.50 a year. Thanks, PetrinaGabulous!


    I protect my files and emails with a very easy to use data backup software called Titan Backup, the destination is a 500gb WD harddisk, but the company stated that an online feature is under work also. Give it a free trial here.

    I also got my hands on a 30% discount coupon from them, during the order process enter this coupon:NEOB-M5VL

    i'Ve been backing up my hardrive to idrive now for the last 5 days - 55gb of data - the first backup and on day 4 it's only at 40% of completion - i DO hope once the lion's share is stored the rest will upload more rapidly !!
    other than that , i feel secure in knowing that irrespective of what happens with the data on the hardware currently in hand - i'm covered !
    cheers Marc

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