How To Watch Videos On Hulu From Anywhere

Hulu may carry lots of up-to-date US programming, but if you're sitting at a computer outside the States, you're locked out of the fun. The quick, straightforward video above details how to access Hulu videos from anywhere using previously mentioned Hotspot Shield to create a quick proxy that makes Hulu think you're browsing from the US. The video focuses on Hulu, but the method should work for pretty much any US-only site.


    I used Hotspot Shield for awhile but the pop up ads and search hijack are so annoying. Now I switched to using to watch Hulu and other block sites. It's $4.95 a month and so far so good.

    Try - Watch Full Episodes of TV Shows Online with blinkx Remote

    When I am abroad I am using the service to access Hulu and it works fine.

    […] available anytime for free while pushing advertising before letting users watch. Yes, there are workarounds to this as well but after a while it gets tiring for people to hack around a system to enjoy its […]

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