How To Watch Videos On Hulu From Anywhere

Hulu may carry lots of up-to-date US programming, but if you're sitting at a computer outside the States, you're locked out of the fun. The quick, straightforward video above details how to access Hulu videos from anywhere using previously mentioned Hotspot Shield to create a quick proxy that makes Hulu think you're browsing from the US. The video focuses on Hulu, but the method should work for pretty much any US-only site.


    Been there done that ... and it doesn't work. It's too slow for video streaming.

    I've tried it and it works fine for me. Also works for pandora

    Agree, started out ok then got slower and slower, now unwatchable !

    hotspotshield has a bandwidth limit.. i think it was just lowered to something like 10gb a month.

    works great for me and has for awhile but ive noticed its a lot slower during the day

    Since the "update" of HOTSPOT SHIELD, the server is now located in London... so I canĀ“t watch any US shows in .
    Can anyone please write another soft recommendation


    What can Linux / Ubuntu users use?

    It still works for me.
    Btw the bandwith limit is 3GB/month

    Check out . It's another free ad supported vpn provider. works in Australia- and the rest of the world- more shows (complete seasons!) no ads, better stream quality- ROCKS! is not free but pre-charges users for certain bandwidth packages..

    Agree with Phil: 3click.TV hands down- they are streaming to iPhones now and loading tons of new shows.

    I just wish I could come up with a set top box/Media center solution to use in conjunction with 3click. Their streams are in MP4- anyone anyone know of something that would play this? Wireless preferably...

    hotspot shield recently stopped working for me with hulu, looks like hulu can detect it now :( anyone knows other free options? i tried a free trial on and it worked fine, could even stream the few HD streams on hulu smooth, but not sure i'm ready to plunk down the 10$ monthly, so what do you guys use now?

    same thing , hot spot shield still working on but not on hulu since 2weeks

    What can Linux / Ubuntu users use?

    If you're using linux.. you have better things to do than watch Hulu..

    So is hotspotshield out of the question now?

    No longer works on Hulu. You'll get a message saying that you are trying to watch Hulu using an anonymous proxy tool.

    Forget all that proxy stuff and paid services, just go to for all you streaming goodness

    Ahaa! Hulu does not spot hotspotshield IF you use it on mac!

    I need to be in america to watch the instructional video to learn how to watch videos outside of america. FML

    This article has been here a while - anyone have success with this these days? I can get around the IP block by:

    -using an SSH tunnel to a VPS
    -using two types of VPN through

    BUT I just can't get the bandwidth to watch Hulu reliably.

    Does the ISP that you use make a difference? I'm with TPG

    Use its workd

    ditto, Ahaa! Hulu does not spot hotspotshield IF you use it on mac

    Thank You... Thank you so much...

    Does it work for other u.s only websites? like

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