How To Tie A Bowline Knot

One DIY skill many of us don't have is the ability to tie a bowline (knot, that is). Unless you're a sailor or a Girl or Boy Scout, you've probably never heard of a bowline (pronounced "boh-lin"). But this super-useful knot creates a loop that's strong enough to put around someone's waist and pull them out of the water, or hold down heavy objects, and it's very easily undone. Hit the play button above to learn how to tie a bowline using an easy-to-remember bunny metaphor. Just recently I hung a hammock using a bowline. Any knot nerds out there put the bowline to good use in regular everyday life? Any other knots you know and love? 'Fess up in the comments.


    Can someone tell me how to tie a bowline when the standing part is under tension?

    Your rabbit didn't know the right way to go round the tree!

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