How To Kill The Twitter Election2008 Topic Bar

Election2008.jpgTwitter has recently added a Election 2008 topic bar covering key tweet topics around the forthcoming US presidential election to the top of the site. While you can minimise this by clicking on the X at the right, the setting isn't permanent — so every time you change pages or click on Home to refresh, it returns. Fortunately, as the Get Satisfaction forum explains, Firefox users running the free AdBlock Plus extension can banish the bar permanently.

To install AdBlock Plus if you don't have it, just search for it from the Add-ons option, found under the Tools menu. Once it's installed, selected Tools, select Add-ons, select AdBlock Plus and click Options. Click on Add filter and paste in the following code snippet:

OK your way out of there, and Twitter will have a clean appearance once again.


    Excellent, thanks for the tip.. Too bad we have to do this. Would be much better if twitter just gave us the option. Once was enough!

    Awesome tip. Never thought of this. Works like a charm :-)

    Looks like there's a superfluous period at the end of your example—I think the rule should read:


    In other news, I had _no_ idea you could use CSS-ish filters in AdBlock. That is amazing.

    Brilliant, Thanks!

    I am amazed anyone has the time to use the Twitter website for their tweeting. There are tons of other ways of accessing feeds out there which integrate much more easily into a working day. I have a BeTwittered widget in an iGoogle window of various news updates, and use Twitterrific on my iPhone. Both enhance the Twitter experience and mean you don't have to tolerate the Election 08 bar.

    Ian Hendry

    Wish these guys had something similar for Movies!!

    The election bar changed from H1 to div.

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