How To Bring The Pleasure Back To Driving

!WomanDrivingCar.jpg Manic traffic, expensive petrol and the perceived idiocy of other drivers can often make a stint in the car seem like torture. At the BBC News Magazine, driving expert Tom Vanderbilt offers ten tips to reduce the stress of driving. Some of them are UK-specific (there's no option for cyclists not to wear helmets in Australia, for example), but there's still good advice in here, including the ever-notable assertion that changing lanes rarely helps you get to your destination much faster. Got any other tactics to make driving less of a hassle? Steer them into the comments.


    Not the distracting, over the top kind. Puts me in the best mood when driving. As long as the volume isn't excessive, music is a great boost. I take care before a journey selecting what to listen to. Classical is great in traffic jams. I can't bear the thought of a trip without it.........

    simplest way
    ditch the car and buy a motor bike added bonus if you are commuting to and from work in Australia bus + transidt lanes aka bike expressways

    The article comments talk a lot about late merging. As Melbourne's full of zip merges I found a fun page (in German) that shows what happens if you play god with traffic!

    It's quite fun to work out what the sliders do :)

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