GTD Free Puts Getting Things Done On The Desktop

Windows/Mac/Linux (all platforms with Java): GTD Free, a Java-based desktop app, is one of the most straight-forward implementations of the Getting Things Done organizational system you'll see, but it also serves as a great introduction for the GTD-curious. Five tabs put your tasks in a sequential flow, and using them helps reinforce GTD's basic tenets in your brain. Bang out action blurbs in Collect, detail them in Process, file them in already-labelled folders like Actions, Someday/Maybe, and Projects, and mark them off in Execute. It's definitely not a lightweight, paper-like system, but it's a fairly clean implementation if you want to try Getting Things Done as it was really intended. GTD Free is a free download, works wherever the Java platform does.


    Simple is the best when it comes to GTD, so congrats to what looks like a great application. I've written several posts about my experiences with GTD on my blog at that may interest your readers. John

    Hi. Gtd-free is an elegant program. I have tried several other apps based on David Allen's system, including LifeBalance and Simple GTD. Neither of them come close to the simple intuitive process and ease of gtd-free. However. It has stopped working. I can't even open it. And I can't open the download exe either. Strange! And there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get help with it. Darn!


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