Green Your Home Office

While kicking the commute habit can certainly help reduce your carbon footprint, you can be greener. Green web site TreeHugger's guide to greening your home office offers some good tips. The truly smug use recycled furniture, have a paperless office, clean with non-toxic, biodegradable products, and buy earth-friendly electronics and office supplies. But even a potted aspidistra or two can make difference by oxygenating your workspace, whether you work at home or not. Any tips for reducing your impact on gaia around the homestead? I, for one, wash my pants far less frequently.


    Great story.

    We (ie workers/employees) still have some hurdles to get over before we are comfortable with virtual meetings. I'd like to see us make more use of the home office.

    Check out some of the issues I have identified at Green [email protected]

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