GPS. On Your N96

Nokia-N96f.jpgGetting lost has never been more difficult. Like earlier mobiles in Nokia's Nseries range, the new Nokia N96 includes a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS. Unlike its predecessors, the latest smartphone from the Finnish brand allows you to search for addresses through the preinstalled Maps 2.0 application, has onboard Australian and NZ maps and 3 months trial of the voice guided turn-by-turn navigation.

In the spirit of "the web made by hand" you can also save all of your favourite spots in the MyPlaces directory and share them with the world.

But what's the really convenient part? The Nokia N96 comes with an in-car charger, for those of us who find navigation a foreign concept... even with GPS.
For a closer look at the N96, click here.


    The N95 8GB also comes with the Nokia Maps 2.0, in addition the pack I purchased had 6 months of voice navigation.

    It doesn't beat a dedicated GPS unit, but for a handy 'in your pocket' device it works reasonably well.

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