Google Launches Australian Mapping Competition, Gives Away Macbook

Google's My Maps feature is already a pretty cool way of annotating maps with local information, but here's an added incentive to get tagging: a competition for the best local maps, with a Macbook as a prize for the best entry. There's a bunch of celebrity examples on the site already, and I suspect many Lifehacker readers could do as well or better than Jamie Durie. Check out the video above for a basic guide on building maps; the contest closes November 28.


    Google's data is not free! Contribute to openstreetmap - - and be safe in the knowledge that your contributions are licensed under the creative commons by-sa license.

    For those who don't know what OSM is - it's a mapping project which anyone can contribute to - similar to wikipedia. And the data is free - also like wikipedia, meaning that people can do interesting things with it - unlike google's data.

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