Get Presentations Done Online With Sliderocket

Get Presentations Done Online With Sliderocket

The beta bandages are off, and the full public version of online presentation creation and management software Sliderocket looks pretty good. The PowerPoint competitor (in the cloud) will let you upload and import PPT files, Flash animations, spreadsheet data for charts as well as images, audio and video assets — then share them amongst coworkers. The Flash-based webapp is pretty slick, and you can add Flickr and YouTube content as well as purchase stock art from a Fotolia and PresentationPro. You can deliver your presentation online or download a standalone player. Sliderocket is free for a single user, with 30-day tryouts for potential paying customers. So for you bullet-slingers out there, are you ready to give up your desktop software for this presumptive online replacement?


  • You can also print and ship overnight using Mimeo’s SlideRocket integration in the print menu. Technically it’s part of the marketplace but available from the print menu, mini-marketplace. You also don’t have to pay at the end of your 30-day trial, you can revert to a free account which has some reduced functionality. Thanks!

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