Five Screens Of Jailbroken iPhone Apps

Designer Vijay (of two-faced Mac-like Windows desktop fame) jailbroke his iPhone and loaded it up with apps. The five-screen setup (with custom wallpaper) was so impressive, we had to show it off here. Vijay says he jailbroke the iPhone 2.1 software using QuickPwn, and runs down his favourite apps:

iTunes Remote, Nemus Sync, Cycorder, Facebook, VoiceNotes, Fring, Youtube, Wifi Toggle, SMS, Snapture, Phone and iGolf. (Careful with this guy, I threw my iPhone a couple of times playing this one: top score = 611 yards :} )

Here are some of our favourite jailbreak apps; what about you? Tell us about 'em in the comments.


    i downloaded the jailbreak and i had a great experience but in the second day i noticed that the icons (apps) get unorgnized each time i restart the phone or the winterboaed
    help please????????????????????

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