eBay To Limit Postage Costs In Some Categories

eBay To Limit Postage Costs In Some Categories

Postage costs on eBay sometimes beggar belief (and lead to the suspicion that vendors are trying to use postage to bolster their own profits). In that context, a new move by eBay to restrict the amount of flat-rate postage that can be charged in some categories is welcome news for buyers, though it might not do much to please sellers who’ve already had a messy 2008 when it comes to eBay policy. The limits, which will come into effect from , apply to CDs ($5), DVDs ($8) and books ($6). Those are still somewhat higher than the likely standard postage costs in many cases, but at least the new policy sets a ceiling. Does that seem like a sensible move to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • eBay raised their fees and limits postage. Good deal for eBay. That will bring revenue into the USA. PayPal required. There is another revenue stream. Maybe they should be able to access your bank account and pull out money whenever they feel like it. If you have PayPal you have already given them permission.

    No need for banking restrictions or if currency rates change, the rate is what PayPal thinks it should be when your money goes thru the USA and back to AU. Any “glitches” are of course computer errors so no need to call.

    Of course PayPal is so secure that your purchases will have “buyer protection” ;~) and we will fully protect you on all purchases…;~)) And since you believe that, could you please open your wallet and shake out any money you have. We would like that ;~0 too.

    Have a great eBay day!

  • As an eBay buyer, I find that I frequently have to work out the real cost of buying an item that has a cost inflated by ‘handling’. That is more of a factor for me than a specific cost cap.

    It isn’t helped by wandering exchange rates on international sales and differential handling fees based on multiple purchases (same day transactions) from a single buyer.

    Don’t even get me started on my paranoia surrounding the exchange rates used by PayPal!

    On the other hand, all of this is soooo simple compared with the decision making process for choosing a mobile phone carrier and plan. Yikes!

  • Given the level of fees you’re slugged as a seller by eBay, and then the cut that Paypal takes, an extra $2-3 “handling” charge on top of the postage charge is entirely justifiable, I reckon.

    Buyers see what the postage charge is before bidding, and should factor that into what they’re prepared to pay.

  • I think from my point of view as a buyer it is a good thing, however, a lot of my friends who are sellers need to drive for kilometers (at least 15) to reach the nearest post office. Surely they should be able to factor this into their postage price if they so wish. It seems like a nice sly way that ebay can marinalise coutry sellers and make it less atractive to sell on ebay to them..

  • I see nothing wrong with the way things were before, though I’m not complaining about this change.

    When bidding, I have in mind the total I am willing to pay, then subtract the postage cost, which then determines my bid.

  • Buyers tend not to notice the postage charge when bidding – The same CD with $3 postage will have the same selling price as one with $6 postage, even though the total cost is $3 more.

    I think it’ll mean people push their postage up to the acceptable limit – A CD in a tough bag is classed as a large letter by Auspost, and costs $1.10 in postage. The postpak itself is about a dollar. Most people already charge $3-4 for a CD, but hey if ebay says $5 why not charge $5!

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  • For my first eBay sale, I sold a training manual with a stated postage cost of $9.95 …. once it was posted, I paid just under $15 for registered postage of this 700g book to Victoria. There is NO WAY that $6 is enough for books given their weight and size. I’m not an eBay-elder, but you don’t need brains to see the injustice to sellers. Just watch the listings for books diminish really fast!

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