DIY iPhone-Turned-Alarm-Clock Stand

Clever do-it-yourselfer and iPhone owner Nathan Barry flipped over the black plastic packaging his phone shipped in, and cut out a section with a sharp craft knife to turn it into a stand. Then he installed the iPhone Alarm Clock application, and uses the phone in stand on his night table. Barry writes:

I'd been after a nice looking digital clock for the bedroom for ages, so I was pleased with the 'Digital Clock' app from the iPhone App Store. It's quite customisable (colour, brightness and digit style) and auto-rotates. Only problem is you have to leave it on all night—which used to drain the battery almost flat, until I discovered Aeroplane Mode!

Of course, Aeroplane Mode turns off the Wi-Fi and data connection to your phone while you sleep—which will protect you from interruptions. Nice work, Nathan!


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