Digital TV Rollout Schedule Due Early Next Week

TVViewer.jpg With the government having decided to emulate the UK approach and adopt a phased rollout for the digital TV switchover, the slowly-grinding digital TV wheels seem to be speeding up somewhat. Lifehacker understands that the main rollout schedule will be announced next week — quite possibly as early as Monday — so if you don't have a digital-capable TV or set-top box, adding one to your Christmas list sounds more sensible than ever.


    I've heard from someone in the team that it's going to be regional first with metro not due until 2013.... no need to worry too much

    I have had a 2 digital boxes for about a year now, one for the vcr and one for the tv (yes i know i still have a vcr, i dont record much,) i can get some channels through one box and the other channels through the other box, they are both connected to the one set of rabbit ears. i live in townsville and my question is if i would need to buy a different type oa aerial i.e. a digital aerial. thanks for the help anyone gives me.

    Dear Wolfdog,
    you DO NOT need a digital antenna if you can receive Digital TV through your bunny ears now you will be able to receive it after the cutoff
    Most people will only need to get a Digital set top box plug it in and thats it. no change is required to your aerial

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