Dear Lifehacker: How Can I Hide My Firefox Images?

Celine.jpg Dear Lifehacker, How do I stop my computer from saving every picture I've viewed on the web when using Firefox? Thanks, Luke There are many things we don't want other people to find on our PCs, either because we're ashamed of them (Celine Dion, anyone?) or because we're trying to surprise them (way to blow that birthday surprise). While there have been add-ons and extensionsto help solve this problem, 2008 has seen every major browser developer look into what is nicely referred to as 'private browsing mode', and generally referred to as 'porn mode', which keeps everything neatly non-cached and private. Surprisingly given its general reputation for advanced features, Firefox is the last cab off this particular rank. Both Google Chrome and IE 8 include porn mode, but you'll need version 3.1, currently in beta, to get that feature with the 'fox. So the short answer is: wait a few months. In the meantime, select Tools, then Clear Private Data, make sure everything is ticked, and click 'Clear Private Data Now' to get rid of the evidence.


    Or you can download the extension 'stealthier'

    Or an extension called distrust

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