Co-op Helps Small Groups Stay Updated On Projects

New webapp Co-op makes keeping track of who's working on what within a small, distributed group easy. Kind of like a private Twitter for small organizations, you post to Co-op what you're working on and see everyone else's updates in a news stream down the page. Made by the same folks who built the Harvest time tracker (our review), Co-op can also calculate how many person hours were spent on a particular project. Co-op also lists what was worked on yesterday, and what's currently being worked on today. Fans of the television show Mad Men will appreciate the screenshot after the jump, which shows Co-op in action at the fictional Sterling Cooper ad agency.

Co-op is free to use, but to enable time tracking capabilities you'll need a Harvest account (limited free acount available, then priced from $US12/month to $US90). Thanks, Ian!


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