Can You Access Your Bank On Your Mobile Browser?

Can You Access Your Bank On Your Mobile Browser?

Our recent discussion of mobile banking sites for the iPhone highlighted the fact that many people can't access their banking applications on their mobile device, whatever flavour. However, the situation may be set to improve. A recent survey by Sybase 365 suggests that a third of global banks already offer some mobile banking features, and a similar number expect to do so over the next year. That's partly driven by consumer demand: almost a quarter of customers surveyed said they would switch banks to get access to a mobile net banking service. Are you able to access your bank on your mobile phone, and is that a useful feature? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Thank goodness we’ve moved on from the situation a few years ago when you frequently got “Sorry – our high tech banking website only accepts Internet Explorer”.

    That said I rarely do banking away from my home computer. It would be useful to use my iPhone once in a very long while if I suddenly needed to pay a bill or something whilst travelling, but it’s not a service I would value greatly. I’d prefer them to upgrade their existing online banking offerings. I’m with Westpac and whilst their site does everything you’d want, it’s not the easiest to use at times – simple things like you click on a bill in the BPAY view screen to pay it, and the biller name and number are automatically filled in, but the amount isn’t, so you have to memorise the amount or open another screen.

  • I’d be interested in a summary of who supports what (I might be changing credit cards soon).

    I know I can’t, and am frustrated by it, access St George from my mobile because it puts a horrible Java applet login screen (a hangover from their old system). Grrr… 🙂

  • I can access the commonwealth bank site on my blackberry pearl using opra mini. Works well – ive never done a transfer of money though – just handy to get a balance.

  • I use the NAB and Teachers’ Credit Union logins on my iPhone. Neither are optimised, but both work well enough. I used to use a Treo with Opera Mini and neither bank worked – browsers need to be able to open pop-ups to deal with online banks.

  • ANZ is great on the iPhone; transfers, ‘pay anyone’, decent account history. I’ve generally been pretty happy with ANZ’s online banking, they’ve long supported Macs and Firefox — the UI is pretty good, unlike some more awkward systems I’ve seen. I think recently they also launched a Java app (presumably Symbian), but I’ve not seen it myself.

  • my n85 8gb blitz’s through Commonwealths Netbank page using the inbuilt browser.

    There have been multiple times where I’ve gone to get money out from an ATM, realised I don’t have enough in my streamline account, then logged in and transfered money from my saver to my streamline within 2 minutes, and then accessed the atm the instant the transfer has been successful, and volia, the new balance appears instantly through the terminal.

    It makes me feel like a 21st century man.

  • I can get inital access Citibank’s facility via my iphone. I havent tested all transactions yet, but it is ok thus far.

    Its fairly awkward to use the floating keyboard to enter password information but seems ok once past that stage.

    It would be fantastic to see Citi (who have tended to be timely with things like paperless statements etc) offer a mobile edition of their site.

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