Be Ruthless But Share When It Comes To Airport Power

Be Ruthless But Share When It Comes To Airport Power

I'm writing this post from Nice Airport, where I'm having an unexpected stopover because my scheduled flight got delayed so the windscreen could be replaced. Because my laptop had already chewed through its battery earlier in the trip, my absolute first priority was locating a power outlet so I could get the rest of the work I need for today done. I raced through the airport and nabbed what seems to be the only free outlet, made use of some expensive but very handy 3G broadband and got back down to it. However, I'm only one of 180-odd people stuck in the airport, so when a French femme asked me if I'd be willing to give up the outlet, I said to give me 15 minutes and I'd be done. I figure that's a sensible move, since I'm likely to be in the same position some time soon. Of course, I've suggested previously that people should travel with a power board, but my Australian outlets won't be much use to most everyone else on this flight. Do you willingly snare when you've snagged the last point at an airport (or conference), or do you cling on like grim death? Confess all in the comments.


  • Same problem at my uni campus, though I happen to think students are both more rude AND ruthless when it comes to a power source and comfortable seating… I just give the “potential threat” a death stare, and watch as they patiently linger around until the power point is no longer needed.

    Its easier to do this during the high-stress exam time at the moment!

  • In my recent overseas flights last month, I found the gate’s waiting areas were always full, but the next gate often empty. So I just sat and I got good & juiced up.

    I have left my smartphone in strange places charging… The best was hidden in a phonebook at a payphone that had a plug on the wall below the phone. We have all probably used the plane’s (& train’s) bathroom shaver socket.

    In the US, I saw (but didn’t use) a complimentary Samsung charging station near a gate. These were using fast chargers and appeared to support all major phone adapters. They deserve a plug for that 🙂 n.p.i.

  • During 2005 I brought a powerboard around with me.. needless to say it was quite popular. I also pack a powerboard (or at least a double adapter) whenever I go somewhere where I expect I’ll need to share the power around.

    Otherwise, it depends on how much charge I have.. how much they have and the urgency of work, etc. I’d probably feel too selfish to say outright “no” though.

  • I love arriving 10 min early to uni lectures to snare the best seats in the house ie the seats next to literally the only freaking power point in QUT gardens points campus. Then watching all the rich kids with the new macbooks and their expressos waltz in 30 min late into the lecture and wonder how they’re going to survive the 2 hour lecture without a powerppoint due to them not have charged their laptops beforehand.

    I’m not saying I NEED the power point, no my asus does fine for 2 hour lecs, I DO it for the LULZ and hope those rich kids will go complain to the big wigs and get some more powerpoints installed.

  • I find that Brisbane domestic airport great for laptop users, there are several tables for the use of laptops. Canberra airport has ther same too. Melbourne and Sydney aren’t so great though, you usually have to sit on the floor when you find one and use the laptop on your lap(!)

  • When Traveling through many airports, I find that some are such cheapskates that you can find a power point but it has been turned off at the fuse box. I agree that Traveling with a power board and a good plug converter is a Must regardless of where you are heading. When I just need a charge between flights with a short stop I have by bag ready with just the power cord hanging out, so it looks like I’m charging my Bag.

  • zhou, SPOT ON!

    GP has got to be the worst for it. One powerpoint at the back of the room is ridiculous. Hopefully with the new block where the pool is atm things will change. by then we’ll both be gone though. 🙁

  • Skye, yeah, it doesnt really affect me. Finals are coming up. Pretty soon I should be done with QUT. Hopefully UQ accepts my application for education next year.

    Fed up with QUT.

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