Aussies Not Yet Wild For Bargain Hunting Online

Even in credit-challenged times, it seems Australians aren't yet ready to replace a visit to the stores with a quick shop online. Andrew Colley at AustralianIT reports that new survey data from ACMA shows that the growth of the online shopping market has slowed in the last 12 months. Travel, DVDs and books were the most popular categories. As belts tighten, hunting down bargains online might become more prominent, but alternatively everyone might just cut back on spending altogether. Have you changed your online shopping habits to save money? Share your cost-cutting tips in the comments.


    May have something to do with the fact that Australia has no decent online stores. (I've moved over from the UK and am missing Play, Amazon and eBuyer :( )

    I would definately reccommend buying appliances online.
    Just bought a 8kg washing machine from The Electric Discounter.
    Including delivery it was $150 cheaper than any retail store, was told they couldn't compete or price match and then one even told me that The Electric Discounter only sold second hand !!
    Very please with the cost, service and delivery.
    Will be using them again for all future purchases.

    I second pure_orange's comments. Australians don't do much online shopping because there isn't anywhere to shop! Go to the web sites for big Australian chains like Myer or Harvey Norman and all you get is an electronic version of their current printed catalog. Useless! Now look at the web sites for big UK chains like Boots or Argos, or US chains like JC Penny or Walmart. If (when?) any of those kinds of big shops decide to enter the Australian market, the existing Australian competition will be *killed*. Australian shops' lack of vision is depressing.
    "Build it and they will come"...

    I like your thinking Snrub. I am attempting the xmas shop online and it seems a difficult task. Without trying I think that we are demonstrating the lack of interest in online shopping. So I am trying to prove we want it. It seems as though when I suggest to people well how about getting that online they automatically assume I mean ebay or can't even fathom the idea. It is disappointing that we have terrible website design and no infrastructure to support the movement to purchasing goods online.

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