Always Show The Subject Line When Composing A Gmail Reply

Firefox with Greasemonkey only: Unlike most other email clients, when you reply to a message in Gmail, the subject line doesn't automatically become editable—you have to click the "Edit Subject" link in order to change it. If you edit your email subject in reply to messages frequently, but hate to have to reach for the mouse to start in Gmail, there's now a Greasemonkey user script for you. Download the Show Editable Subject user script for Gmail and give it a spin. If it seems to work for you (like my initial tests work here), then we'll include it as a new feature in Better Gmail 2's next release. The Show Editable Subject user script is a free (exclusive!) download right here, and works with Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension. Thanks for the suggestion, Andy!


    Does this script work with Firefox 3.6?

    I am unable to this script to work on a my computer. I know it worked on my computer before I reinstalled Windows 7 64. When I reinstalled I upgraded to Firefox 3.6.

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