Add More Functionality To Launchy With NirCmd

Weblog SimpleHelp details how to NirCmd —a command-line app that can turn off your monitor, empty your Recycle Bin, change the system volume, and more—in conjunction with Launchy to put more functionality at your fingertips. In a nutshell, the post details how to create simple batch files with NirCmd functions and then index those commands with Launchy. That way all of the cool functionality built into NirCmd is accessible with a few keystrokes. While the post focuses on integrating NirCmd with Launchy, the idea could be extended to any application launcher of your choosing. While you're at it, check out how to integrate Launchy with Wget.


    Awesome little application. Used it once for an awesome April Fools prank.

    Step 1 - Set to run script @ 2am, while target is on nightshift.

    Step 2 - Open/close CD tray & Monitor Off+ON to attract attention.

    Step 3 - When person touches mouse or keyboard, put up a text box titled "Trojen Horse" that says "I can see what your doing". When they click OK, open a new box saying "You should be ashamed of yourself - looking up Porn , blah, blah, blah ...

    Step 4 - After making them feel guilty for a while, opened many internet explorer windows to various websites, while locking the keyboard and resetting the mouse ever second to random screen coordinates.

    Step 5 - after a couple minutes of smut on their screen, kill the explorer apps. New window saying "Porn is disgusting, you should know I've emailed a list of recently visited websites to your network administrator. Have a nice Day".

    Step 6 - when they clicked OK, new window saying "April Fools".

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