Access British TV Online From Australia

Spooks.jpgA lot of the discussion around here about accessing online television focuses on US options like Hulu, but many people (your Lifehacker editor included) would prefer to catch UK programming. Blogger Charlie rounds up the options for catching UK shows in Australia, from free-to-air to P2P. The solutions offered for accessing online services like the BBC's iPlayer aren't entirely free, but if you haven't got proxy-based methods to work, this is another option to consider. Thanks Chris A!


    Ive been watching BBC & ITV in Sydney for a few months online now
    Works fine if you use a desant VPN service, I use 5.99 a month works pretty well in Perth for me, 4.95 for that one. is pretty fast for UK stuff on iPlayer

    I see they are offer the subscription for €2.99 Month if you follow the mailer link

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