ABC Still Working To Make iView Free With ISPs

ABC Still Working To Make iView Free With ISPs

Thumbnail image for Iview.jpg Here at Lifehacker we’re big fans of the ABC’s iView on demand service, but as we noted when it launched, it can quickly chew through your download cap unless you’re an iiNet customer and get unmetered access. Three months after it first rolled out, Andrew Colley at Australian IT reports there’s still no signs of anyone joining iiNet on the ABC-for-all bandwagon, and the ABC itself believes that the download issue is a factor in how successful the service can ultimately be. Would a download-free experience make you a keener user of iView? Stream your thoughts in the comments.


  • I’m loving iView and as an iiNet user it’s like the web used to be – using it the way it’s meant to be used. I remember the old says of unlimited cable connection with Telstra, not that there was a lot of content back then but streaming radio, NASA TV etc was great, then all of a sudden the 3Gb cap came in, and the ‘net was reduced to emails. Unmetered access to media like iView is fantastic, and more ISP’s should get on board without trying to work out how they “monitize their subscription base”.

    I wouldn’t use iView if it was metered, it’s that simple.

  • Absolutely love the ABC iView service, but as it chews my cap with Telstra cable bigpond, I don’t use it. If it was unmetered by Bigpond I would use it every day.
    Very sad to see this cutting-edge service being held back.

  • I love ABC’s iView. I use it for it’s catch up feature.
    I was able to see the most recent Andrew Ollie Lecture using this after missing it on the night.
    My ISP does not offer download-free access to it.
    I would be suprised if any more ISP’s will offer unmetered access to it.

  • ABC’s iView is great for catching up with what you miss during the week. I wouldn’t use it if it were metered – there are other higher priorty things i use the internet for (and it doesn’t start with ‘p’ and end in ‘orn’). Having it iView free is a great bonus!

  • On iiNet and love iView. I never remember when things are on, so catching up in bed with the laptop is win.

    iiNet’s unmetered iTunes is also nice, as an aside. More vendors should be getting things like this onboard, such as Netflix/Quickflix when (if?) it gets to the downloadable stage in Aus.

  • I’m currently with internode, and they don’t offer access to ABC as part of their unmetered content. When I first heard of the AC offer, I checked the unmetered content and found that internode was providing access for free to a whole bunch of radio sites. I’m currently using an old pda with wifi access to stream that pretty much non-stop to one of the home theatre setups. it’s great to get music on demand, without ads, with the genre that i want. I suspect if they offered access to the abc service, i’ll have it on most of the time. It’s a pity they don’t 🙁

  • Unmetered iView would be a WINNER in my book.
    I don’t bother with it much now but if it was “free” then I would browse and dip my toe in a LOT more.

    As someone who does not have a TV, or Foxtel and watches all my TV via downloads on my computers, having “free” iView would mean a LOT.

    Please iABC, find a way to make this happen.

  • The justification for the high cost of Bandwidth in Australia is the download costs from USA. This is local…so come on Bigpond etc, give us what we have already paid for.

  • i’m an iinet user too and i use ABC iView all the time because iinet doesn’t count it as part of the download limit.

    i don’t work for them or anything, but i don’t know why other ISPs don’t get on board ABC’s iView. I mean, it’s on free to air tv, it should be on free to download broadband.

    on a side note, jack – iinet has unmetered internet radio too and a whole bunch of other unmetered media content, like the english premier league live and on demand

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