3 Revamps Planet 3 Design

Planet3.jpgMobile phone network provider 3 has revamped the design for the Planet 3 interface used to access Internet content from its mobile phones, splitting the content into four main tabs (new, find, mine and fun) and adding one-click icons for popular sites such as Facebook and YouTube. The site also apparently "include icons that change every day depending on what's hot and new", which doesn't sound like a recipe for productivity — but then again, surfing the Net on your phone is often about anything but productivity. If you're a 3 customer who's tested out the new interface, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


    Now here is a question... I just signed up my iPhone to a 3 plan today. Guys in the shop whilst very helpful and patient with doing something they don't seem to be doing a lot of, but wishing they could just sell the iPhone (apple you listening?), couldn't work out how to access Planet 3 with the phone. How do I access Planet 3 and my free content?? Must be a url somewhere...

    While I haven't tested this with 3 specifically, the general rule of thumb is that the iPhone can't access any carrier-specific content in Australia, which is either an annoying omission or the removal of junk you don't need depending on your viewpoint.

    One word - 'Meh'. Seems like they redesign the 3 content every 6 months just to make it hard to find stuff. Then you have to go looking for your favourite services... which is the point. The more you look, the more likely you are to use a new service & spend more money on 3's content. Clever marketing, sucky experience.

    Thanks Angus. Well given I had to choose which free data pack I wanted with my plan I said "Doesn't matter which one I choose, I won't be able to access it." The three guy just shrugged. Yes I agree and my viewpoint is if I am paying for free content I'd love to know how to get at it :P

    John, all you need to do is use Safari to navigate to http://three.net.au
    Once there you'll be able to browse Planet 3, though a lot of features don't work. You can't view any of the streamed videos, or buy ringtones obviously. But say you picked the News + Weather option, you can still read the text news stories and check the weather. Same goes with yourMovies if you chose the Fun pack.
    I've found that most of the Planet 3 content isn't really needed, since there's iPhone apps or other websites accessible through Safari that can give you the exact same info, but it's handy that you're still able to check the "My Account" section to keep an eye on your spend.

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