3 Joins 3G Wireless Router Market

Most 3G broadband options we discuss here at Lifehacker are designed to be used on a single PC and on the road, but at current prices 3G can also make sense as your main broadband connection, presuming you have a strong 3G signal in your home or office. 3 wants to tap into that market with its freshly-launched $129 3G Wi-Fi Router, which can connect up to 4 users wirelessly to 3’s 3G service once a 3G key is plugged in. Telstra has a similar offering, but 3’s relatively cheap connection plans make it a possible contender if you’re in the 3 reception area. Would you be tempted by a 3G router, or would you prefer to stick with a wired link? Tell all in the comments.


  • I like 3 – and I like the competitiveness they put into the mobile – and mobile broadband market.

    I’m currently looking at new options for internet (and to change from Bigpond).

    It’s great to see that 3 (and other service providers) are now starting to offer more than just the 1Gb/2Gb per month that they used to, so that for me they may finally be a viable option.

    My main concern about changing to a ‘stick’ or card connection, vs a wired connection is upload speeds.

    3 is now offering “up to 384”. I guess I’m concerned that those speeds wouldn’t be the average (previously much slower uplink was offered). And it would be a long 24 month contract to find out that I couldn’t even watch streamed videos etc….

  • There’s a media release on it in the About 3 section, but as of right now there doesn’t seem to be any product detail on the main site. (It’s a PDF linked via Javascript, hence no link here.)

  • I live in a 2sty townhouse, around 25kms from Brisbane CBD.Using 3G USB key (3 Mobile)on my PC located near the middle of Ground Floor, my upload speed averages 200-300 kbps. Using the 3G modem on my laptop upstairs, my upload speed runs around 1700-2100kbps. I guess I need to set up a 3G wireless router upstairs to speed up my PC upload.

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