XP Theme with Nice Contrast

If you're a fan of eye-relieving darker Windows themes but don't want to go entirely black in your Windows XP text areas, try the Royal Noir theme, an unreleased Media Centre skin that sits nicely between a soothingly dark screen and readability. [via]


    This theme is great!
    Ive been using it for a good couple of years now.
    Very nice and highly recommended.

    Seems to me that most of the themes out there fall down in one respect; the main window background is always white. First thing I do on a new computer is change it for a low-contrast.

    i have used the above theme but found that it wasnt exactly black...:P

    there is another theme package called "Royal Remix" which you can find here:

    gives you the following:
    1. Royal - the one you have in your post
    2. Royal noir (has some orange tiling annoying)
    3. and Royale Zune (the organe is gone and its truly a black theme).

    i have been using 3 for a while now and its awesome!!! :)

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