Would on-plane training appeal to you?

A380.jpg On-demand video is now pretty standard on most international carriers, so airlines need to look for new ways to keep passengers amused. Fran Foo at Australian IT reports that one of the options Qantas will be offering on its new A380 services will be free business school content from Melbourne Business School, Harvard and Stanford, including full-length lectures and bite-sized interviews with business leaders. Does that seem to you like a good use of all that in-air time, or would you prefer to advance your business skills in a less crowded and noisy environment? Educate us in the comments. Photo from Qantas


    The question is, "do you listen to the business channels on the plane's audio?" If you do, then why not video? They're supplying the same thing, except with video content, not just audio.

    When I flew to London a little while ago, we went with Virgin Atlantic. Their in flight entertainment was amazing, but one thing that set it aside (IMO) was how you could learn all sorts of different things from the culture and language of the country you are visiting to tonnes of other stuff.

    Still, I am a learning maniac (I love learning) but I just watched several of the hundreds of movies on offer.

    Like Christian, I too am a learning maniac so I actually love the idea. And I'm used to listening to podcasts while taking the tram to work every day so the "learning" environment isn't an issue for me either. It'll be like reading a business magazine on the plane -- only better and more immersive. Oh, and I'm Melbourne Business School graduate so I guess I'm a little biased as well :)

    Typical overseas business trip.

    Night before: Frantic late night packing just prior to early morning departure.
    Morning of flight: Conversation with cab driver. Highly variable quality.
    Qantas Club: Drinks. Light food. Last sync of electronics on internet. Drink more.
    Upon boarding: Champagne. OJ as a sop to health. Second champagne if offered. Check seat fully reclines. Bless company policy of Business Class for international travel.
    After top of climb: Pre-meal drinks, generally beer for better alcohol:water ratio. Water tweeners to mitigate inevitable hangover.
    Next: Eat the (usually reasonable) meal, with a few wines.
    Entertainment: Watch a movie whilst eating & drinking, as it's hard to read with all that meal-related crap cluttering the tray table.
    After meal: Finish off with a scotch. Complete the movie. Hit the kipper (ie. sleep) for around ten hours.
    'Morning': Wake up a couple of hours prior to landing. Bless Business Class skybeds. Curse drinking too much. Eat breakfast. Get off plane, navigate immigration and customs, taxi, start meetings.

    Turn around and repeat on the way home.

    Rinse, lather, repeat every few months.

    So, in short, no.

    As a Melbourne Business School student and employee, and because I am somewhat familiar with these particular videos we produced, I can say that they are quite interesting and should appeal to all types of people, but especially "learning maniacs." I think they will be well received, and I'd very much like to see the offerings from other business school. BW, if this sort of thing interests you, can check out the MBS Leadercasts: http://www.mbs.edu/go/about-mbs/mbs-pod-and-video-casts/mbs-leadercasts

    Definitely. As someone above mentioned, sometimes all I want is a glass or two of red and some sleep, but otherwise I already watch a lot of the business and tech shows on the Qantas system, more would only be a positive.

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