Windows 7 To Offer Better Startup, Shutdown Options

VistaShutdown.jpgAs the list of features for Windows 7 gradually expands, there's one minor tweak I'm looking forward to: startup and shutdown options that aren't made virtually invisible. As I note in a report over at APC, Microsoft has acknowledged that its perhaps well-intentioned attempt to make people select sleep over other options by making that option much bigger on the Start menu while hiding other options (like restart) backfired. As a result, it will make the experience better (that is, more obvious) in Windows 7. My 5 cents: if Vista didn't need rebooting so often, then it wouldn't be such an issue.


    agreed -- on a modern PC windows should ideally boot up in under a second with no cacheing/hybernation active. likewise, installation should be no slower than the time it takes to copy the bytes from one drive to another, ie. a simple and reliable image restore, then you open the OS and tweak the options as desired.

    however, whilst the well-hidden, three-clicks-to-shutdown is annoying for those used to earlier Windows versions, one quickly gets used to just using the soft power switch on the front of the case.

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