Why Would You Use A DVD Rental Service?

KungFuPanda.jpg BigPond Movies has just released some research it commissioned to spruik its DVD-rental-by-mail service. It's obviously no surprise to find that 90% of DVD-by-post customers choose such a service because of the "value, longer loan periods and no late fees". The more interesting question is what reason the other 10% picked, something which the BigPond Movies team didn't disclose. My gutter mind immediately assumed that Joe Public perhaps didn't want Grandma Public seeing him pick up a few porn titles, but it turns out that BigPond doesn't rent adult flicks anyway. Having a wider selection of movies would doubtless be a good reason for rural viewers, though that has to be offset against the speed of the postal service in general. But let's throw it open to you. If you've ditched your local DVD store for a mailbox option, tell us why — and if you aren't tempted, tell us why not.


    I use BlockBusters "Entertainment Pass" only company owned stores offer it. And even then i am not sure they still do.
    it is $30 p.m. 2 dvds/games at a time. go into the store and pick and choose.
    Much more convenient than post

    I did try more than one of these services, and the main problem for me was the the postal service would lose DVDs in transit, in both directions. I had to send more than one statutory declaration stating that I had not received a DVD that was sent to me, or that I had sent back a DVD the service had not received. That aggravation alone makes the service not worth it for me.

    ditched bigpond - too many damaged DVDs. Now use appletv and local store

    I tend to only hire movies when I have something specific in mind and the urge strikes, so it isn't really worth having a subscription in my case.

    I can't say I've asked anyone, but my impression is that most people I know feel similarly.

    I use QuickFlix, and I like the fact that I can burn most of their movies to watch at a later time, and then get the maximum amount of rentals for my monthly fee (three out at a time) - so maybe part of the 10% is piracy?

    I live in rural vic, without a DVD store in my town. The nearest one is 15ks away. The selection in these stores are crap. That's why I went to Big Pond. They still don't have everything that I want, but they have a damn sight more than anything near me. I don't mind using the postal serivce, it's not too bad at all, considering I don't have to drive anywhere to get my DVD's.

    It's an all round winner for me.

    I've been using Quickflix (quickflix.com.au) for months, and I'm very happy. You manage your queue via a web browser, which means I can use IMDB and their built-in tools to find movies I want, rather than hoping to find them on the shelf; they turn up in the mail box; and I can just drop it into the mail box when I'm done! Why would you go to the store? (And, why would you ever use Telstra for anything?)

    Not tempted - ADSL2+, 25gb per month, rapidshare account, wireless XBMC means I don't even have to walk to my post box, let alone a bricks and mortar store. Walked into a video store to kill time waiting for takeaway the other day and thought I'd gone back in time. $6 'new releases' for movies I saw six months ago can't compete.

    I just started with Quickflix. The benefits for me are being able to keep a list of what I want to watch. When browsing through the queue, I can quickly check out ratings on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, and that I don't need to mess around downloading movies or TV shows, reformatting them, burning them to disk etc.

    I use quickflix like a few other folks here.

    Late fees don't worry me, it's a convenience thing. I like that if I'm ever in the mood to watch a movie, I have one on hand. I also hated the idea of accumulating more DVDs, so I couldnt face buying more of them. I've had a few frustrating experiences with DVD quality, but overall its been pretty good.

    I tried to switch to itunes recently, but the download was massive (I wanted low quality!) and wouldn't play on my computer. That was time well spent :)

    I rent out the video directly from a video store. It is more convinient and I can get a video when I want it, instead of committing to a DVD rental service.

    I'm part of that 90% I suppose - I love coming home to find a dvd waiting for me, I was terrible with late fees when I was using a video store, and can add a movie to my queue as soon as I think about it instead of going to the store and not being able to remember what I wanted to see. I suppose the other 10% is piracy, as suggested above, but I don't see the need to hoard movies I'll only watch once so I've never bothered to rip them.

    I use a DVD rental service. It offers DVDs, XXX DVDs and console videogames, but I don't use the latter two.

    I'm on a 4 DVDs at a time plan for $39/month. On average I get around 40 DVDs each month.

    It's hit and miss what you get sent. They seem to punish frequent renters, putting you on the bottom of the list for new releases, but at a $1/DVD, it's not too bad.

    Theres lots of good online rental sites out there, its definately worth taking the time out to find the right package.

    I have just discovered the new KINO rent through the post dvd and video rental service (kino.com.au). Their catalogue is awesome particularly if, like me, you love arthouse, foreign and classic movies. Their rates are good and they offer a free trial. This is a real movie buff specialist library with an easy to navigate website.

    I used to be member of bigpond online movies + DVD rental but was a bit upset for not being able to get the latest releases easily. Recently found a nice comparison on dvdonlinerental.com.au and signed up with Quickflix. Don't know how good are they, haven't got the DVD yet. Will learn soon about it. I can see they got bigger library of DVDs.

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