Why Kath and Kim US won’t be available to Aussie downloaders

Why Kath and Kim US won’t be available to Aussie downloaders

iTunesStudios.jpgA story appearing in today’s Daily Telegraph boasts that “Australians will be able to see the new American version of the hit series Kath and Kim before it premieres on US television”, since NBC (the broadcaster of the US version of the hit Aussie sitcom) is planning to make the opening episodes of its new season shows available for free when they debut next month. However, it seems that in its enthusiasm to get a story about Kath and Kim into print, the paper ignored one significant fact: the material that NBC puts up in the US iTunes store is not automatically available in the Australian store (as the current studios list shown makes plain, and exactly like the HD TV content announced this week). Of course, if you set yourself a US iTunes account, it’s a whole different story — but that’s not what most Telegraph readers will do, I suspect.


  • Australian’s not being able to watch the US version of Kath and Kim is probably a very good thing. From what I have seen, it is horrible, absolutely horrible.

    Remember what they did to The Office? It’s worse than that… way worse.

  • Ha, I commented on that story at news.com.au, saying this very thing. They conveniently haven’t approved that comment.

    So much for fact checking at the big media outlets.

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